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Cam Belt Services

Due to the fact that your cam belt / Timing Belt is one of the hardest working and most important components of your cars engine and the fact that it is made of a rubber based compound it deteriorates through age and mileage. Thus it is essential to change your cam belt at the correct time (e.g. age or mileage) each manufacturer will have a prescribed change point which will be available for you to check in your owners handbook if you are unsure when your cam belt needs changing please contact our service department on 01622-699975 we have all the information ready to give you a quick answer. If the belt is not changed the end result could be a very high bill sometimes running into the thousands of pounds.

Replacing the timing belt is a complex operation by entrusting your vehicle to us you can be confident that the work is completed by a fully qualified vehicle technician.

If you have any questions regarding your cam belt please contact our cam belt specialist on 01622 699 975 or email

Marshams offers our customers a quality service and excellent value - our low cost garage is conveniently located on Upper Stone Street, Maidstone, our Car Service reception desk is situated within our showroom, in a pleasant customer friendly environment.

We have structured the car service department in Maidstone to provide optimum value to you for all standard car servicing requirements including clutch repairs, MOT Test, tyres, exhausts, air conditioning, brakes and catalytic converter analysis equipment. We will be pleased to quote for your next scheduled car service, or any alternate maintenance work due to your car.

To arrange a cam belt Replacement, Check or Repairs please complete the booking form below, a member of our reception staff will contact you to confirm your booking at a suitable time for you.

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