Important Message

Viewing Deposits

What is a Viewing deposit?

A viewing deposit is a completely safe way for you to secure a car subject to viewing.

The deposit is fully refundable if you do not wish to proceed with the purchase of the car when you arrive at Marshams to view or test the vehicle.

Why do we ask for a viewing deposit?

In the age of the internet the used car market has expanded and we now have customers traveling further than ever before to purchase there new car.

Because Marshams offer used vehicles at wholesale prices we have created a situation where customers are traveling long distances to view a vehicle only to be disappointed that it has been sold only minutes before they arrive.

What if I don't leave a viewing deposit?

If you are unsure that you want to leave a viewing deposit this is fine, you can still view and test the car and you are welcome to come to our premises in Maidstone at any time, however please be aware that if another customer places a viewing deposit they will be offered the vehicle first.

Am I legally bound by a viewing deposit?

Absolutely not, if you do not wish to proceed with the purchase upon vehicle inspection we will refund your viewing deposit upon your request.

Will my credit/debit card details be kept on record?

Absolutely not we are bound by our agreements with the FCA and credit card companies on the holding of financial data.

What if I like the car but cannot proceed for other financial reasons?

Once again we will refund your deposit if we are unable to source car finance for you.