Important Message

Administration Fees

What does the Admin Fee Cover?

Administration fee covers the cost of:

  • Quality inspection and VHC check by a Marshams Technician
  • Service if required
  • HPI investigation with money back insurance against mileage and category insurance damaged cars
  • Full Valet
  • Road fund License and cherished number plate arrangement
  • £10 Fuel
  • The fee for this check is currently £249 (Inc VAT)
  • Completion of all administrate and documentation costs pertaining to that vehicle

What is HPI?

When looking for a new car to buy, and long before you consider searching for the best deal on car insurance, you should always perform an HPI check before committing yourself to a seller or buying a car and taking it home.

An HPI (Hire Purchase Investigations) check is one way of reducing the risk of making an expensive and stressful mistake when buying a used car.

The HPI website warns that some used vehicles have been:

  • Clocked (had their mileage reduced or altered in some way);
  • Have been re-painted or altered in some way to hide any damage caused by a car crash;
  • Vehicle Model, Age, and Specification that are not accurate and described incorrectly;
  • Cars that have been stolen or the police have an interest in.
  • Have been previously bought on finance and will not become your property until the outstanding finance agreement is settled in full.

Furthermore, some vehicles have been written-off so it would not just be a matter of having to pay for the repair of some car parts, it's a matter of having accidentally bought a car which has been deemed too badly damaged to be used on the road.

Imagine finding that the car you purchased, thinking it was a great deal, has in fact lost you money and can't be driven or must be returned to its rightful owner or leasing company can be very disheartening for any motorist.

Whether you're an experienced driver and have owned many cars in your motoring career or you are a young driver who has saved up for your first vehicle, falling victim to fraudulent sellers is avoidable by doing some homework so Marshams will carry out this check for you and cross-reference the information held with the vehicle you are buying.